Frequent Asking Questions

Here is a list of frequent asking questions. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us via the contact page.

# I'm using Friconix for my website, can you add a link on your home page?

For sure! We are always very proud to see our work usefull to others. Contact us and tell us more about your website.

# How long does it take when I ask for a new icon?

Here are some of your answers after requesting a new icon:

It's even faster if you make a donation!

# Do I have to include a link to Friconix on all pages on my site?

Friconix is quite young, and we need more trafic. This is why we ask for links. If you can add a link on every page, that's great. For example, on this website (AnsWiki), they added a small link in the footer at the bottom right of each page.

Otherwise, at least one is fine. If you can help us to promote Friconix in any way whatsoever, we would appreciate (links, presentations to students, MOOC, YouTube videos, partnerships ...).

# Can I use icons in my paid application?

Yes, you can use our icons in your paid application. Don't forget to add a link to Friconix.

# I don't want or can't add a link on my website, what can I do?

If you want to use our icons without adding a link, we kindly ask you to make a donation of $100 for a lifetime licence for one support (website or application). Please contact us to inform our team of your project.

# Is there a page where I can see all the icons?

This page gathers and displays all the base icons.

# ID Query URL Count
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